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Children's Author E. R. Reilly & His Passion for Story Telling!

Hello! Throughout these pages I'll tell you how my life has changed in so many ways to get where I am today. How I started writing children's books (I was a teacher) and how I also ended up doing school reading days because they were so much fun. Recently I have been asked by some schools to develop writing workshops for children. These children's writing workshops have been very successful.

I am a Children's Author and I suppose my job title would be "E. R. Reilly Visiting Children's Author to Schools".

I travel around the country on a regular basis visiting schools and reading to the children. As a travelling children's storyteller I try to engage them so, perhaps, one or more are inspired and encouraged to discover their own hidden talents.

So through this website you can gain a feel for what I can bring to your school. You can ask me to come to read at your school via the contact page. Or download samples of the books to get a taste of the different styles.

You're wondering how much does this cost? Well nothing really, I come totally free of charge, teachers have a look here to see how it works. Also have a look at what schools have to say by clicking here.

Eamonn Reilly has full CRB Certification.

Eamonn E. R. Reilly Children's Author with his books


Thanks for looking.   Eamonn Reilly

Before I let you go I must thank Janet Bates for her wonderful illustrations in my later books including Professor McGinty, just click here to be taken to the page where you can see all of them, including the ones by Jane Dix (Harriet The Horrible), Rebecca O'Reilly (Harriet Best Friends) and the latest book "The Look Outs" illustrated by Kay Loxley.

What they said
"Every child should have access to books of this quality." - The Times

"Beautifully written.....A joy to read." - Alice Phelan - The Irish Times

"Refreshing and feel good." - Michael Coulson - The Book Reviewer

You can contact me to arrange a visit to your school or ask a question by simply emailing me by clicking the button above. Or just fill out the contact sheet and I'll call you.

E. R. Reilly
Santiago Press
19 Oxford Street
B30 2LH

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