I am a Children’s Author and I suppose my job title would be “E. R. Reilly Visiting Children’s Author to Schools”

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Throughout these pages I’ll tell you how my life has changed in so many ways to get where I am today. How I started writing children’s books (I was a teacher) and how I also ended up doing school reading days because they were so much fun. Recently I have been asked by some schools to develop writing workshops for children. These children’s writing workshops have been very successful.
I travel around the country on a regular basis visiting schools and reading to the children.
As a travelling children’s storyteller I try to engage them so, perhaps, one or more are inspired and encouraged to discover their own hidden talents.
So through this website you can gain a feel for what I can bring to your school. You can ask me to come to read at your school via the contact page. Or download samples of the books to get a taste of the different styles.
You’re wondering how much does this cost?
Well Nothing! I come totally free of charge, teachers have a look here to see how it works. Also have a look at what schools have to say by clicking here.


Thanks for looking, Eamonn Reilly