About E.R. Reilly

E. R. Reilly Mission:

To enrich children’s lives by actively involving them in the process of story telling and creative writing. My mission is to inspire the children so that they discover for themselves their own latent creativity.

I discovered early in my writing days that the way to do this was to visit schools and read from my books, so I suppose I have become “Eamonn Reilly Author & Travelling Children’s Story Teller”. The fact that the author-writer ER Reilly will come to the school and read to the children is an intrinsic part of this mission.

Eamonn Reilly has full CRB Certification.

Eamonn’s Profile:

E. R. Reilly was born in Bromsgrove, England. He has lived in Birmingham throughout his life.

After a less than shining school career, he worked in industry during the early part of his working life. He became a leading shop steward in the turbulent days of unrest in the 1980’s. Looking for a fresh direction in life, he studied to become a teacher. He so enjoyed the life of a student he stayed at college to complete a number of post-graduate degrees. E. R. Reilly worked as an English teacher and a schools advisor before finding his true vocation in life as a writer.

In his spare time Eamonn enjoys playing rugby, squash and is trying very hard to master the game of golf. Eamonn has been married for thirty seven years and has two daughters and two grandchildren.

Coming Soon

Details of the books I am working on at the moment.