For Children

20 fascinating facts you can ask E. R. Reilly about when he comes to visit

E. R. Reilly facts :


  • His first name is Eamonn.
  • His middle name doesn’t begin with ‘R’ at all. His real middle name is John!!!!
  • He was born in ??????
  • He is married with two daughters, Catherine and Colleen.
  • He loves football and always wanted to be a footballer when he was younger.
  • He plays rugby and golf and regularly goes to the gym.
  • His favourite book is “Charlie and the Chocolate factory”.
  • He is 6 foot 4 inches tall or 1.93 metres.
  • He loves pens but is frightened of computers.
  • He only had one GCSE when he left school but went on to spend years at University.
  • He used to be a teacher and ended up with year three
  • He is a musician and he has played on CDs and toured in lots of countries.
  • He does “Stand up Comedy” and “After Dinner” speaking.
  • He prefers baths to showers.
  • He worked in a factory before he became a teacher.
  • He thinks that “Never give up” is the best motto.
  • His favourite hobby is lying on the settee and watching telly.
  • He loves Bob Dylan (Ask Mum & Dad).
  • He tries to write at least six hours a day and is currently working on a book of comic verse for children.
  • His favourite charity is Oxfam.

Coming Soon

Details of the books I am working on at the moment.