For Parents

How E. R. Reilly became a children’s author and why he visits schools to read from his books.

When his first book “Harriet the Horrible” came out he went to St James R. C. school to read it to the children. This was the school that he went to as a child.

Whilst he was there a teacher from another school asked him to do an assembly at her school. This happened several times and when Eamonn became a full time writer he visited even more schools.

All of this led to a properly organised tour of schools, which in turn became and annual event.

Parents, your children will gain immense motivation and pleasure from the visit. It will electrify and encourage them to carry on reading out of school.

Eamonn Reilly has full CRB Certification.

Coming Soon

Details of the books I am working on at the moment.