For Teachers

Important information about arranging a school visit by E. R. Reilly.

WARNING!!!! This page is meant for teachers only and may be boring to anybody under the age of twenty two.

Perhaps the best part about a visit from E. R. Reilly is that unlike other authors, he visits your school for free! You don’t have to pay anything! Not a bean! But as the saying goes “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” Part of the deal is that the school agrees to send a letter home with the children telling the parents that the books will be on sale in school for about two weeks after the visit.

Schools say all this is very worthwhile and is much better than paying hundreds of pounds out of an already overstretched school budget to get authors that charge a fee. So let’s get on with how it works. Also have a look at all the other school reviews.

Eamonn Reilly has full CRB Certification.

Here are some points that answer all the questions that teachers ask about the visit.

  • The talk includes teaching points about, writing, readings from his books and a question and answer session
  • The assembly last for about 30-40 minutes
  • There is a blend of humour and more serious topics in his talks
  • The children should be told about the visit in advance if it is possible. The web site will help.
  • The staff should stay in the assembly because schools have said that the children have benefited most when they have some follow up work (Which Eamonn will be very happy to recommend).
  • Eamonn will leave a set of each of the books in school and will call back at an arranged time to collect any monies and unsold books.
  • There is a way you can get some free books for schools, so if you are interested in this then please mention it to the agent when you book a visit.

That’s it. This has proved to be a wonderful way to turn children onto reading. Schools have been delighted because they have been able to get a top notch author into schools and they haven’t had to break the bank (not even the “piggy bank”).

Parents are delighted because children show interest in books that almost all parents wish for. The publishers are delighted because they are selling more books ( and let’s face it that’s why they publish them!) and not least Eamonn is delighted because he is building a personal relationship with his readers, that’s the children themselves.

The children are delighted because they really enjoy the visit and can’t wait to read the books.

You can watch Eamonn reading from one of his books here.

So if you are interested then make a request via the contact page.

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Details of the books I am working on at the moment.